Community Action Plan For Children (CAPC)

children.jpgAbuse hurts more then just one person. Beendigen provides programing that specifically promotes the healthy development and well being of children.

Children experiencing abuse, whether it is directly or indirectly, can become withdrawn, violent, and lose confidence in themselves. The negative effects on children of witnessing or overhearing violence are similar to the symptoms experienced by children who have been abused. These can include behavioural, physical and psychological effects. 

The impact of witnessing abuse depends on the age and developmental stage of the child, along with the support systems that are in place. The experiences can have behavioural, physical and emotional effects on children.

There are a number of different services and programs available to prevent children from becoming “at risk”. Beendigen provides early childhood interventions that promote a pathway for healthier child development and provide information on children’s nutrition, prevention, and mental health of children.

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Our services and programs serve aboriginal families with children from 0 to 6 years of age. They include:

  • You Make the Difference Program
  • Drop In Parenting Group
  • Parental Relief Group
  • Walking Club & Nutritional Sharing Group
  • Drop In Family Fitness Group
  • Family Circle (Education and Resource Information) 

Additional services include: 

  • ABC’s for Living Program (Life Skills for Children)
  • Kash-kwa-son (Traditional circles)
  • Nutritional Bingo
  • Parent & Child Interaction Time

For further information, please contact us at:

541 Luci Court
Thunder Bay, Ontario, P7E 1H2
TEL: (807) 622-5445