Wrapping Ontario in Courage for Woman Abuse Prevention Month

November 1st 2017: Beendigen in partnership with, Ontario Association of Interval and Transition Houses is calling on all Ontarians to purchase a purple scarf from your local Women’s Shelter during Woman Abuse Prevention Month for the 5th Annual Wrapped in Courage Campaign.

Wrapped in Courage: Women Shelters and community organizations across the province are engaging with their communities to address the overlooked issue of Woman Abuse in Ontario. Throughout the month of November, we are inviting everyone in Ontario to show their support by wearing a purple scarf to let women and their children know they are not alone. The courage of a woman alone is not enough. It takes the commitment and support of an entire community to end violence against all women.

Quick Facts:

1. Services Provided to Women and Children in Ontario in 2015/2016

  • Approximately 10,900 women and 6,700 children were served through Violence Against Women Shelter
  • 51,700 crisis calls were received on crisis lines for women 40,500 women and 3,900 children received counselling

-Ministry of Community & Social Services, 2015/2016 Service Data

2. Lethality and Risk to Women and their Children

  • From November 2015 to November 2016 there were 29 women reported on, by the media in Ontario, who were murdered from either their current or previous intimate partner-Ontario Association of Interval & Transition Houses
  • 74% of all domestic violence homicide cases reviewed from 2003-2015 involved a couple where there was a history of domestic violence, while 68% of cases reviewed from 2003-2015 involved an actual or pending separation-Domestic Violence Death Review Committee Report 2016

3. Financial Investments are Needed for Women and Children Fleeing Violence

  • On a snapshot day in Canada, 44% of women shelters were full due to overcapacity and lack of resources to respond to requests-Women Shelters Canada, Shelter Voices 2017

Women Shelters in Ontario Need Your Support:

For nearly 40 years the Ontario Association of Interval and Transition Houses has been supporting Women Shelters across the province to provide safe housing, counselling, legal and outreach support services to assist women to live their lives free from violence. We need to work together to eliminate all forms of violence for all women and children in Ontario. Your support of Women’s Shelter Services is essential in making that happen.

Join the Campaign!

  1. To learn more about the Wrapped in Courage Campaign and how you can support women and children in your community please visit:
  2. You can follow the campaign through Twitter and Facebook:
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