About Beendigen

Our History

Beendigen has been providing support to women and children in Thunder Bay since 1978. The agency was established to provide temporary shelter for Indigenous women and their children who were dealing with abuse and were in need of food and shelter. Over the years, Beendigen continues to evolve to provide support services to abused women and their families.

Beendigen integrates cultural teachings into many of its healing programs. Culture and traditional knowledge are at the center of how Beendigen develops and delivers supports and services to Indigenous families. The Medicine Wheel Teachings, traditional ceremonies, and cultural awareness are balanced with the educational components of individual and group programming. Elders play an important role at Beendigen as they help to promote a traditional and cultural connectedness which Beendigen believes is vital to cultivating opportunities for healing.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide safety and shelter to Indigenous women and children experiencing violence, and to facilitate the cycle of healing through the delivery of culturally appropriate programs and services to individuals and families.

Beendigen is governed by a Board of Directors.

Our Vision

To empower Indigenous women and their families to live mino-bimaadiziwin (a good life) through traditional teachings and ceremonies. Beendigen supports families and communities to live free from violence.

Our Values

We believe every family deserves to live in a safe home free from violence. We believe that given the opportunity, women who have experienced abuse can move forward through healing. With influence from the Medicine Wheel Teachings and core social work values, we assist women to gain a strong foundation which can help them move ahead in a positive, healthy manner.

“Awesome play group, great friends, wonderful and great staff, very friendly and welcoming.”

- Tiffany Thompson

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