Our Programs

There is life beyond violence

Beendigen offers a variety of programs and services that provide support to Indigenous families who are at risk of violence. All our programs incorporate the Seven Grandfather Teachings: Honesty, Respect, Wisdom, Truth, Humility, Bravery, and Love.

Our Programs and Services

At Beendigen, we offer support, referrals, counselling, safety planning, and more. Our programs align with our mission to provide safety, security, and opportunities for healing to Indigenous families who are in need of support. Please view our program pages here to learn more.

Anishinabe Women’s Crisis Home

Beendigen’s Crisis Home provides free emergency shelter for women and children who require safe accommodations and are seeking refuge from abuse.

Wakaigin Housing

Wakaigin Housing provides both transitional and permanent affordable housing.  

Anti-Human Trafficking

The Anti-Human Trafficking Program provides individual support and community education. 

Breaking Free from Violence

The Breaking Free from Violence program is designed to meet the unique needs of Indigenous women who are involved with both the Child Welfare System and Violence Against Women Sector.

Healing Our Own Counselling Unit

Beendigen provides a wide range of culturally appropriate services to Indigenous women and their families in the community.

Community Action Program for Children (CAPC)

CAPC provides support for Indigenous families with children ages 0-6 through programming, social outings, creative activities, and one-to-one services. 

Prenatal Program

The Prenatal Program is committed to improving the nutritional health of Indigenous expectant mothers and those with babies up to six months of age who live off-reserve.

National Native Alcohol & Drug Addiction Program (NNADAP)

The NNADAP worker provides education and support to those living with addiction.

Transitional Housing & Support Program

Transitional Housing & Support workers advocate for women to secure and maintain housing and income. They can assist with legal,  education, and other services to help women meet their goals. 

Family Court Support Program

The Family Court Support workers provide direct support to women who have faced domestic violence who are involved in the family court process. 

Parenting Across the Life Cycle Program (PAL)

The PAL Program supports families as children grow and helps caregivers develop parenting skills.

Memengwaa Transition House

Memengwaa acts as a bridge between the emergency shelter and permanent housing.


Talk4Healing is a provincial 24/7 confidential helpline for Indigenous women living in urban, rural, and remote communities.

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