Healing Our Own Counselling Unit

The Healing Our Own Counselling Unit Programming includes:

  • Individual & Group Counselling
  • Sacred Circle – An open, ongoing group focused on healing and sharing through traditional teachings.
  • Women Living Free From Violence – A group focused on helping women to understand different types of abuse, how boundaries are blurred in abusive relationships, healthy communication skills, and coping with feelings such as shame and guilt.
  • Child Witness – A group focused on supporting mothers/caregivers and their children (ages 4-18) who have witnessed violence.
  • Survivors of Sexual Abuse Group 
  • Sisters of Grief – A group focused on providing peer support and a safe space to explore feelings of grief and loss. 
  • Grief Counselling
  • Anger Management Group 
  • Sewing Circle
  • Drumming Group

Beendigen provides a wide range of culturally appropriate services to Indigenous women and children in the community. Our team is dedicated to providing counselling services through both individual and group programming. 


For more information, contact: (807) 344-9579.

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